When I was a kid, they called me awhite...

Welcome to my website, now a relic of the past.  Do you like my epic logo?

A little history: I originally acquired this cheeky domain name as a teenager, when my school network login ID was awhite.  The main idea was to share content with my friends and family.  This included pictures (before photo sharing websites supported full-resolution images), music recordings, videos, and miscellaneous things like hosting images for eBay auctions.  Nowadays, most of this has been rendered obsolte by sites like Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube, and Imgur

I continued to update the site sporadically until a few years ago.  Eventually, the manual, time-intensive nature of updating a totally custom website became less and less valuable.  I suppose I could decommission the site, but I thought I'd leave it up as a historical remnant, and a representation of my lousy programming & design skills.

Latest updates:
- 09-11-2011 - Added Chicago album.
- 09-10-2011 - Added photo albums of the Alter Bridge concert and Keen Lake 2011.
- 08-07-2011 - Added Provincetown photo album
- 05-20-2011 - Added Alter Bridge (Worcester and Albany) album
- 12-22-2010 - Added album of Alter Bridge in New Haven, CT