In Loving Memory
My brother and I sang this song at my maternal grandfather's funeral in May, 2009.   My father asked that we record the song for his father's day gift, so we did.   In this recording, I played all guitar tracks, sang lead vocals for the first verse, and sang backing vocals from the first chorus and onwards.   My brother sang lead vocals from the first chorus onwards.   The song, from Alter Bridge's 2005 debut "One Day Remains", was written by Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti about the passing of his mother.

This is the first song I wrote and recorded that was based on an actual experience, rather than just trying to be funny.   Recorded in March, 2006.

Bone Saw
Originally recorded in 2004 for the My Shenanigans CD, my brother and I wrote this song prompted by the Bonesaw character in the 2002 Spider-Man film, and the hilarity it caused in my high school French class.  I re-recorded "Bone Saw" in the summer of 2006 as part of a series of demos for an album that never came to fruition.  This rough version is available below.