Yep, it's true.  I've finally put some stuff in the video section.

What we have here are two sets of videos, dating back to my high school days, of a couple of my live performances.   First, we have my set at the Ridge High School's 2005 Battle of the Bands, a benefit for Operation Smile.   I played the opening slot, and since I didn't have a band I pre-recorded drums and rhythm guitar as an accompaniment.

Next is the set of videos taken of my performance at the 2005 Senior-to-Senior picnic.   The annual picnic, at which the Ridge High School seniors invite the town's senior citizens for a day in the park, is a way for the graduating high schoolers to connect with the taxpayers who largely funded their education.   Greg Jones joined me on stage to back me up on rhythm guitar during Patience and the Home Depot Theme song.

All of the videos are in .wmv (Windows Media Video) format.  These should play fine if you have Windows.  If not, you're lame.

Battle of the Bands (2005)

Bone Saw - An original song from my 2003 debut, "My Shenanigans"
Fall to Pieces - A Velvet Revolver cover
Sweet Child O' Mine - A Guns N' Roses cover


Senior Picnic (2005)

Broken Wings - An Alter Bridge cover
Debbuh Raiey - An original song from my 2003 debut
Home Depot theme song - Exactly what you'd think
Patience - A Guns N' Roses cover with an extended solo